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Friday, October 16, 2009

Obama's Church

How Obama picks a church and which one he picks.

White House staff prefers a church that serves the needy and is close by. Secret Service prefers a church that can easily offer the security accommodations the President requires.

The White House is busy vetting. Churches are busy lobbying. Invitations are coming into the White House, each extolling their virtues. Ultimately, the Obamas will decide, but the White House has been flooded with invitations from churches and from individuals trying to influence their choice of churches.

Each church seems to believe that if the Obamas pick them, their church will be "blessed."
Okay, I wrote the above words on April 6th of this year. Then I just saved the blog and never published it. I thought I would wait and see what church the Obamas picked. Sadly, they haven't made a public pick of a home church ... yet.
Does this mean that Barack and Michelle Obama are now part of America's famous "unchurched?" I suspect it does. Perhaps their allegiance is still to their "home church" in Chicago --- which ripped and shredded America, crying racism all the way. We'd like to think it's not.
But come on ... wouldn't it be smart of the Obamas to take a stand with some church that is credible? After all, they claim to be praying people. To whom do they pray?
I am not against President Obama. But I cannot find words strong enough to describe the yearning in my heart for a godly leader in my country. I guess I will continue to pray that God draw my President close to Himself. I shall pray that the Holy Spirit convict him (and his wife) to make a public commitment to a Christian community. I will hope, beyond all hope, that our President will submit himself to a spiritual leader who is truly a man of God.
The Old Testament book of 1 Kings, in chapter 16, speaks of an Israeli king named Omri. He is clearly described as a capable and effective leader. In fact, he sounds downright charismatic. I imagine that he offered the people hope that they could believe in. Unfortunately, 1 Kings 16 goes on to tell us that he sinned greatly. Moreover, he convinced his people to follow him and do things his way, thus leading them into sin. God was greatly angered and punished the entire nation.
I marvel at the fact that we serve this same God today. I wonder if the lessons of history are being repeated in our nation today. It seems that Americans have always been quick to understand what a blessed nation we are, under God. But we continue to be slow to respond to the responsibilities of being God's chosen nation.
Like I said, I yearn for a President that will lead us in righteousness, in ways that honor this living God. I hope you'll yearn and pray for that too!

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