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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Madonna's Divorce

It was devastating news for the world. What with the stock market, the banking industry throughout the west and everything else seeming to collapse - we still had this one bastion of hope to hold on to. And then it came ... the announcement that Madonna and Guy Richie are ending their nearly eight-year marriage. I mean, is there nothing stable in this world? Is there nothing we can count on?

Newspaper reports say the marriage has been over for a while, but both Madonna and her husband are shrewd enough to know that they needed to keep it together until her most recent tour launched. (She makes far more money from touring than from music sales.) And so they did. When Madonna was caught sneaking Alex Rodriguez into her New York hotel room at all hours of the night --- and his marriage crashed and burned, the noble Guy Richie jetted across the Atlantic to be seen dining with his wife in New York. Bless his heart, this man put on a good face and apparently made a valiant effort.

What do you suppose it was that caused this marriage to fail? Or did the marriage fail? Is it possible that this marriage actually accomplished everything they wanted it to? It is said that together they are worth more than US$525 million. It's doubtful that the divorce will drive either one of them into the poor house. What was the purpose of a marriage like this? Was it a business arrangement? Did Madonna need a husband to get another baby? (She had one by him and they adopted one.)

I wonder what it might be like to be married to a woman like Madonna. What would one say to her each morning? How would you make decisions? What would the priorities be in life? This is a woman who should be studied, in my opinion, by sociologists and psychologists. She appears to go through life in a constant state of reinvention. Notice that she is never old and tired. Her life is never scandalous. How does she avoid the drama and controversy? What secrets does she have that somehow help her walk through life that seems to blind-side many celebrities?

Madonna is just nine days older than me. I have watched her for years, and wondered about this person, this creature. She is an enigma. And so it continues. The next chapter in the life of Madonna will start to unfold. Eventually, she will be someone's grandmother. Can you just imagine!

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