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Friday, June 17, 2011

A "Must" Read

So I was on a plane this week, flying back to Dallas from New York.  I'd been carrying this book, "Encounters," with me for a couple weeks.  But I was always too busy to read it.  Mind you, I'd read the manuscript last year.  In fact, I was a main encourager of the author to get it published.  So you'd have thought I couldn't be surprised by what was in it.  You'd have thought.

But there I sat, in seat 22D, hunched over this book, being more than a little surprised.  The chapters are short, each telling the story of someone who encountered Christ during His lifetime here on earth.  The stories are told in first-person account, and as I read them, I sat up, hunched over more and became absolutely riveted.  Before I knew it, I was at the chapter on Levi ... and it hit me.  The tears started to well up in my eyes.  I was almost embarrassed ... thinking of what the fellow passengers squeezed in around me would think. 

But I couldn't help it.  As I read on, I began to see dimensions of Jesus I hadn't really considered before.  I got to see first person accounts of the impact encountering Christ had on their lives.  Quite frankly, it reminded me of my own encounter(s) with Christ --- and how those have changed me so profoundly.  Make no mistake, when the characters in these stories encountered Jesus, nothing was ever the same again.  Everything changes.  When personal encounters with Jesus Christ come alive.

It's been that way for me too.  Everything changes.  Nothing stays the same.  In fact, there's been nothing in my life more impactful than my own encounters with Christ.  This book is helping me lock into that truth.  I had the privilege a couple of years ago to make the acquaintance of the author of this book, Pastor Randy Hill.  We've become close friends actually, and I encouraged him to submit this book to a publisher.  As I'm reading the book this week and acknowledging its impact on me, it just affirms for me that his getting this published was a divine appointment from God Himself.

I don't normally endorse books (or anything else) on this web site.  But I have to say I've never seen a book written like this.  I can't imagine anyone would read it and not be touched by a new perspective on who Jesus is, who God is ... and perhaps more importantly, who they are in Christ.  It is frankly that powerful of a book!

The book is called Encounters. It's official release date isn't until July, but you can get it on now.  Or have your local bookstore order it for you.  At any rate, I highly recommend you get yourself a copy today.  And if you have a friend whom you'd like to see Jesus touch in a special way, get them a copy too.

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