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Monday, December 06, 2010

Changing the Face of Christianity

You know, it doesn't happen all that often really. But every once in a while, you have occasion to meet someone who is just ... well ... remarkable. I'm not talking about a super hero that leaps tall buildings or bends steal with his pinky. But God, in His infinite wisdom, sees fit to cross your path with that of someone whom you find remarkable.

It's exciting to meet one of these remarkable creatures of God's handiwork. More often than not, they are men (or women) who demonstrate a love for the Lord, a commitment to family, and a strong work ethic. I know, that sounds awfully precise. Maybe it's just a reflection of my own values. Or maybe it's that I don't see it all so often. So when I do, I find it remarkable.

One of the men I've met this past year and started to become acquainted with falls into this category. It's where I find a friendship growing and I realize it was a gift from God. This man, whom I probably shouldn't name here, had one other trait that I find remarkable. You see, he took a look at Christianity and decided to step out of the boat and challenge the status quo. Think about that.

Famous philosopher Mahatma Gandhi is reported to have said one time, "I like your Christ, but I don't like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ." Most of us can quickly realize that Gandhi was pointing to the hypocrisy of modern Christianity. I've blogged before about the notion of Christians behaving badly. After doing paid work in a couple of churches, I came to the conclusion that Christians can be horrible people. So whether Gandhi actually said it or not, it is that the Christians are quite unlike the Christ.

And so they give Christianity a bad name. They are the face of Christianity. And it is often a face of extreme hypocrisy, selfishness, unforgiveness and a lot of other defects of character. Whether we like it or not, you and I ... by virtue of identifying ourselves as Christians ... are the face of Christianity. And how does the world react to that face? Churches are dying in droves. Pastors are leaving the ministry. So-called Christians are attending fewer church services and being less faithful with their tithes. (Source:

At the same time, Jerry Springer's tawdry talk show is syndicated world-wide. Court TV and even Divorce Court TV are winning in the ratings game. Christians don't know their Bible, but they know what kind of headphones Justin Bieber is championing, or even what kind of meat Lady Gaga made her famous dress out of. Folks, this is the true face of Christianity. And it is ugly.

So we go back to this man I met whom I find so remarkable. He's taking a stand. He's investing himself and his resources. He's writing, teaching, researching and is in the throes of launching a full crusade. His 501(c)(3) non-profit is championing change, serving as a catalyst and host for a new conversation amongst today's Christians. He calls his crusade, "Changing the Face of Christianity."

You can check out the crusade - and join it - by going to While I don't typically endorse other ministries or send people to web sites, I'm endorsing this one. And I'm asking you to go to the web site. Sign up. Spend a lot of time reading the thought-provoking content that's being developed there. Think and pray about how you can join the crusade and even bring it into your community, your church, your workplace, etc. Crusades don't happen with one man. It takes a community.

Folks, the face of Christianity is badly broken. Fixing it will be a "grass roots" movement. One by one, God's people are going to have to invest ourselves in Changing the Face of Christianity. We are the only Jesus that many people will see. So let's be conscious of how we're perceived. Let's not be ignorant of the face we wear. And let's be intentional about putting the best foot of God's grace in us forward. The face of Christianity will never change unless the face of the Christians change. (That's you and me!)

So check it out. Join the dialogue. Enlist yourself in the crusade. My friend, whose name is Brad, is already out front championing the change. Will you join me in following him?

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  1. Hi Larry,
    Thanks for joining in the cause and supporting this ministry. It will in fact, take the work or many to transform their lives, through the secret truth about life that Jesus came to teach us. I am behind the cause as well, because our modern culture is having a large impact on the church both postively and negatively. The authentic Christians are trying harder and harder to harness God's power and follow their Lord and Savior because it is so obvious that this world and culture are not the source of truth, peace, or a fruitful life. It is full of lies, suffering, and misconceptions about what life is all about and who it is all about.

    Thanks to Brad and supporters like yourself that we can learn about God through His word, transform our minds through education, and change our bad behavior through acknowledging our sins, confessing them to God and asking for foregiveness that was made possible by Jesus's giving his life as and offering for us.

    To non-christians this makes little sense, to Christians, they get it but just need to practice it a little more every day. And then the world will notice that Christians are different, and they used to be. That is what helped the church grow so quickly in the early days. People loving other people as Jesus loved others, was never experienced on earth until Jesus brought it to us. So if you are Christian, then visit the site, transform yourself a little, and show the world a little more of the Jesus in you. If your not Christian, come join the conversation and educate us on how we are perceived and how we can better treat others.