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Friday, October 15, 2010

Anti-Muslim Ranting

So there is this guy on Facebook who "friended" me. I don't know him really, but we travel in some of the same circles. I doubt that he'd recognize me if he ran over me. I would recognize him though, because he has a more public role in this particular circle.

Our "friendship" on Facebook is revealing some things though. He's said things to me - posted on my wall - that I found offensive and hurtful. I considered "unfriending" him at the time. But I decided in favor of forgiveness and second chances. Since that time, I've noticed that some of his posts are contrary to my own values, beliefs and thinking. It's becoming rather obvious that this Facebook "friendship" is probably about as far as this relationship is going to go!

Today, my so-called friend had three different posts on his Facebook wall. Each was anti-Muslim. He sensed that readers might be offended, so when he posted these web links, he specifically asked people to read them before judging them by the title. Apparently he thinks people will agree with these sites if they'll only read them. (He's wrong on that count.)

In the interest of having an open mind, I did go to each of the sites and read them. In the interest of fairness and un-biased blogging, here are those three sites that my Facebook "friend" recommended:
Mind you, I don't endorse or even concur with these sites. I'm simply sharing them so you can judge for yourself what I'm talking about. Far be it from me to manipulate my readers! But I digress. So let me get back to the point of this blog entry.

I know the U.S. has been at war with radical Islam for a few years. It's been an awfully expensive war, and one that befuddles many Americans. But I also know some Muslim Americans. They came here to escape the oppressive regimes that controlled their home countries. They came here to get what we have. Freedom. And they are as appalled by radical Islam as we are. Some of them even enlisted in our military to help fight the war!

So for a starting position, I can't agree that all Muslims are a threat to American freedom or even American ideals. Heck, I can't even agree that most Muslims are. Frankly that seems like a broad generalization driven mostly by ignorance.

Moving on, I'm pretty certain that petitioning our government to stop Muslim immigration to America is a futile exercise. Even if our government would heed the petition and ban or temporarily suspend Muslim immigration, it still wouldn't achieve the desired effect. Why? Because Muslims aren't able to change something unless it's willing to be changed. Think about that for a minute.

The U.S. has been known as a "melting pot" for generations now. We've welcomed people of all backgrounds and all religions - bar none. Somehow, our founding fathers thought that America would remain a Christian nation, even in the face all this "melting pot" activity. It hasn't.

In general terms, Christianity in America has tended to go in one of two directions. (Neither of them are very good.)

First, we have the radical, moronic people who call themselves Christians. But their ideals are far from Biblical or Christ-like. They've been members of the Klu Klux Klan. They're members of the Westboro Baptist Church in Kansas. They are filled with hatred, racism and bigotry. They are ignorant, but defiant. They are aggressive, and dangerous. The only good news is that they are in the minority of people who call themselves Christians.

Second, we have the other end of the spectrum. This group of people tends to represent the majority of so-called Christians. The trouble is they look and act just like the sinful, depraved world around them. If you put them on trial for being Christ-followers, there wouldn't be sufficient evidence to convict them. Hypocrites and pharisees, they like to wave the Christian banner in front of whatever cause happens to suit their fancy at the time. But they aren't loyal to their church or its cause. They don't tithe. They don' serve. They may not even attend church. But they'll damn sure claim to be Christians.

Look, I don't want to see the U.S. become a Muslim nation any more than the next guy. But I am pretty certain that the solution isn't to keep the Muslims out. The Muslims aren't the problem. Let me say that again. The Muslims aren't the problem. That's right.

You see, the so-called Christians are the problem. If we would just "walk the talk," there'd be no better defense against the alleged Islamization of America. Make Christianity so attractive that the Muslims are drawn to it. It's been said that "they'll know we're Christians by our love." Do they? Does the world know we're Christians by our love? Let's face it, the face of Christianity in America isn't very loving. I believe it was Gandhi who said something like, "I'd be a Christian if I didn't know so many of them." His point was that the face of Christianity is so unattractive as to repel non-Christians rather than attract them.

The way to protect America's future isn't to keep anyone out. Rather it is to make the people who are already here more sincere, more loving, more authentic, more committed, more submitted and more righteous and holy themselves. Our love should be so strong that nothing could change it.

I'm embarrassed by the Christianity that I see stacked up against Islam. I see the Muslims kneel on the floor to pray five times a day. And I don't know of one single Christian (including me) who does that. I see the Muslims fast for a month each year. And I don't know of a single Christian who does that. I see Muslims that are willing to die for what they believe. I don't know any Christians who have such a faith.

Quite frankly, I wish we Christians would be as devout in our faith as the Muslims appear to be. If we were, then maybe we wouldn't be so double-minded and tossed about in the winds of change like we are. If raise up each new generation firmly grounded in their faith and fully discipled to be Christ-like, Islam would be unable to move us or change us.

As it is, you could stop the Muslim immigration to the U.S. or not. It won't really make a difference. If indeed America is suffering from "Islamization," it is because our brand of Christianity isn't strong enough to stand against the wave of other religions that happen to wash ashore.

There may be an "Islamization" of America going on. But it isn't the fault of the Muslims. It's the fault of the Christians in America ... who are failing miserably in their witness for Christ. Where's the petition I can sign to address that?

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  1. Fabulous article that really cuts to the heart of the matter.

    Your points about Christians needing to change is exactly what our organization is fighting for:

    Great post!