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Sunday, August 29, 2010

On Blogging

There are some days when having a blog can feel like a heavy burden. You want to say something profound or witty (or both). It needs to be inspirational, or at least controversial. Nobody should blog about things that don't matter. (Who would want to read that?)

The pressure is greater if you've read other people's blogs. A pastor whom I think highly of has a blog ... but he hasn't update it in about a year! (I think that's dreadful.) I was talking to a marketing expert the week before last about blogging. She argued that updating a blog on a monthly basis would be sufficient to keep it fresh and relevant. (I did not share her point of view.) There's got to be a point for bloggers somewhere between every day and every year. How often do I need to blog to be "fresh and relevant?"

Then there are those people whose blogs I read and I wonder why they blog. They'll blog about their cat. They'll blog about their toes. They'll blog about rainbows. Some of them will blog about the day they've had. In some cases, that's interesting. But not if they don't do it often. I have another friend who's living in China. He started a blog so we could all share in the experience with him. I don't think he's blogged on it since March of last year. (Clearly his blog motivation is not working!)

I think about the fact that blogs are likely to outlast me. I don't know how many people read my blog. I don't know who the people that read my blog are. And I realize this blog could be in cyberspace long after I'm dead. (Who would know?) Sometimes I think about writing a blog that I could have my wife (or the executor of my estate) post for me after I'm dead. It could be sort of a good-bye message to the world. But when I sit down to write, despite my best intentions ... it sounds creepy.

Sometimes I'd like to blog about all the things I think about. But that seems like too much. Or it seems a little scandalous. Or it seems boring. Or maybe it would selfish and proud. (I would never want to be that!) I've also considered blogging about the day I've had. To be honest, I'm not sure I want everyone to know about the day I've had. They might be tempted to pity me --- or think I deserve what I got. Either way, I don't think there'd be merit in everyone knowing about me day.

Can we use a blog to increase the depth of our friendship? Can we use it to increase the sphere of our influence? Could we use a blog to build new friendships (or at least impress strangers)? Or is blogging just relegated to sharing a bit of ourselves ... and our wisdom with the world in general? (Somehow I suspect it may be the latter.)

Blogspot, who hosts this blog, often "invites" me to try and monetize my blog. That is definitely not one of the motives I've had. Should it be? I've browsed a lot of other blogs and didn't see much "monetizing" going on. I wonder how many people actually endeavor to make money by blogging. Moreover, I wonder if it would change the perspective of their readers.

I guess I'll continue blogging. I'll look to the Lord to lead my thinking. With any luck, He'll give me some thoughts that will be worth blogging about. Politics, religion, relationships, money, and several other subjects are all areas where I find myself doing a lot of thinking. As I continue my own journey through God's Word (i.e., reading the Bible) I acquire new filters to run that thinking through. Stay tuned and we'll see what kind of blogging that thinking and those ever-changing filters can produce!

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