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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Wise People

Have you ever thought about wise people? What makes them wise? What do they look like? How do they act? Are they really that different from everyone else?

Most of us know people that we might consider to be wise. Something about them draws us to that conclusion. It usually occurs after we've had some personal experience with them. Perhaps we've had an opportunity to observe them over time.

Usually we can't quite put our finger on a specific trait or characteristic. But I think if we evaluate our own perspective (which many of us aren't so good at) we may find that wise people tend to have several things in common. Let's take look.

Wise people tend to help others - with good advice
Wise people enjoy truth. It comforts them.
Wise people are cautious with reasoning.
Wise people are knowledge seekers, consistently.
Wise people value wisdom and give it a priority in their lives.
Wise people respond well to correction (rebuke) and profit from it.
Wise people are trustworthy.
Wise people are in control of their anger.
Wise people have a peace that is attractive to others.

Beyond these traits and characteristics that we recognize wise people as having, I notice there are at least three aspects of their reputation in whatever community their are members of. First, they are admired as counselors. Second, they are peace makers. Third, they are trusted in several ways.

So we take these wise people with all their characteristics of wisdom, and we know them by their reputation. What are the results? In other words, what fruit do these individuals produce? For the most part, they stay on straight paths. Here's some of the fruit I can think of that is typically produced by wise people:

Their lives don't look messy to us. Wise people may have chaos in their lives, just like the rest of us. But they are better at handling and better at taking what life throws at them in their stride.

Their wisdom conquers others. In other words, they are contagious. People who hang out with them become more like them. They are persuasive in aspect and are able to win others over to their ways of thinking.

They avoid wickedness. They don't have wicked habits. They don't associate with wicked people. They are aware of wickedness, and are skilled at steering clear of it.

They have great perspective and advice. They can not only look at their own lives with insight that is helpful - but they can apply that skill to the lives of others.

I believe we need to become more observant of wisdom. I believe it would become us to be better acquainted with wise people.

You see, the thing I notice most about wise people is that they tend to look more like Jesus.

Is it possible that Jesus is found in the true wisdom around us?

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  1. Anonymous1:08 PM

    I agree with your thoughts on this.