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Friday, May 08, 2009

Blasphemy Challenge

If you need proof that we are living in a sick, fallen society, perhaps there is new evidence for you. I'm talking about a movement called the "blasphemy challenge." There is a group called the "Rational Response Squad." They are doing something that is particularly wicked and evil.

The objective of this deluded group is to refute all religion of any kind. They've taken direct aim at Christianity, using one particular piece of Scripture. Mark 3:29 says, "But whoever blasphemes against the Holy Spirit will never be forgiven; he is guilty of eternal sin." It is the only unforgivable sin identified in the Bible - and many immature Christians worry about committing it. But what it really means is simply that anyone who doesn't believe they need God's forgiveness cannot receive that forgiveness.

Now this blasphemy challenge asks people to record a video stating their name and denying the existence of the Holy Spirit. They are to post the video on YouTube, and then send the link for that video to the Rational Response Squad. For each valid link received, the respondent will receive a free DVD. It is shocking how many people have recorded such videos and posted them on YouTube.

As I browsed through it, I also noticed a few Christians rebuking the movement. But for the most part, the videos posted in this category are individuals stating their name and denying the existence of the Holy Spirit. Some go further and deny the existence of God. Some even curse God. One woman launched into a tirade against all religion and all gods of any kind.

Now the interesting thing is the DVD they're giving away is a movie called "The God Who Wasn't There." It's a movie that explains how Christ is a myth and how religion (especially Christianity) is false. Trailers for the movie are as sickening to watch as anything I've seen.

For what it's worth, looking at the individuals deny the Holy Spirit, and the trailer for the movie about there being no God - I also stumbled on a video clip of Oprah Winfrey arguing that there is no Jesus and that there are a million gods who are all equal. I have to tell you, that was most disturbing to hear. The other video clips are from nobody's whom nobody will listen to. Sadly, Oprah is influential and people listen to her.

But these people are wrong. They very wrong. They are sincerely wrong. The irony is that the movement called the "blasphemy challenges" says it wants to claim the souls of the recipients of the free DVD by having them commit the unforgivable sin mentioned in Mark 3:29. It is ironic because even then, those same individuals could still turn to Christ. They could still repent of that sin. Of course the sin is not forgiven when it is committed or even afterward. But as soon as the individual comes to their senses and confesses God ... He is again willing to forgive all their sins. That includes their blasphemy against the Holy Spirit committed in the past!

It is a sick society that we live in. Protect your hearts and minds against stupid arguments that have no merit. They only reveal the ignorance of those doing the arguing. If they only knew the truth, they wouldn't make such fools of themselves. Let us pray that God will intervene in their lives before it is truly too late to repent.

P.S. For those of you who are wondering, I am intentionally not posting the links to these web sites. It is trash and is not useful. Philippians 4:8 tells Christ-followers to focus on things that are excellent and worthy of praise. You shouldn't spend time with this trash. (Neither should I!)

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