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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Helmsley's Surprise

A couple months ago, I blogged about the outrageous will left by American billionaire Leona Helmsley. She had bequeathed somewhere between US$6 & 8 billion to dogs. Actually, Leona had died much earlier than I blogged about it.

I had resisted the temptation to lash out at her until I could be more gracious. She had never been known as a virtuous person anyway. But I thought I should show her some grace in her death at least. Eventually, my own sense of indignation prevailed though - and I had to expose her lunacy. I felt I had to speak out against something that was so morally wrong. (Hey, it's what I do!)

(Check that blog out at

So Mrs. Helmsely and her billions for dogs are back in the news. Last week it was reported that the court appointed trustees (she had neglected to appoint them herself) made their first distribution. But they disobeyed her wishes. It seems the trustees actually went to court and asked a judge to let common sense prevail --- versus Mrs. Helmsley's deluded sense of priorities.

The judge agreed. The judge ruled that the foundation trustees are under no particular obligation to honor Mrs. Helmsley's priorities. It was determined that they can legally make their own decisions regarding the distribution of Mrs. Helmsley's billions to charity. No doubt, Mrs. Helmsley would be furious if she knew about this!

The trustees gave out about $136 million to various charities. In keeping with the spirit of Mrs. Helmsley's request, they did give $1 million to charities that benefit dogs. But the rest of it they gave to benefit mankind. (Check it out at

I'm sure many of us have seen the news report and not given it a second thought. We really should. The Bible tells us that God can use even evil for good. It says that God can manipulate even demons in doing His will.

And so it goes with the vast wealth of Mrs. Helmsley. While she sought in life to screw everyone, and lived to be known as a hateful shrew - God had other plans. Leona thought she could continue to be hateful and selfish even into her death. But God had other plans. Now He will bless the world with the wealth of Mrs. Helmsley - despite her own wishes.

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