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Friday, April 03, 2009

Ducky Swimming Pool

Not long ago I blogged about the saga of the oak tree dumping crap into my swimming pool. The fall leaves (which don't fall till spring) clogged up the pool filter and busted the back flush valve. The strange seed thingy's which blow everywhere and get through the skimmer baskets. If you read that blog, you could just see my frustration at that stupid tree.

To be sure, the oak tree in our back yard wreaked havoc on our swimming pool. But I have to say that what happened next was quite a surprise. Two ducks seem to have mistaken our leaf-cluttered pool for a pond! Folks, I have to tell you that I didn't see that one coming! I guess these two must be nesting somewhere nearby. At any rate, they have quickly become a daily fixture in our swimming pool.

Just this morning, I was taking the trash out. There was the male duck, swimming around contentedly in our pool, quacking up a storm. Nobody was there. I don't know whom he might have been quacking at. (Perhaps he was just being friendly with me.)

The female duck comes around too, but not as often. And she doesn't stay as long. Could it be that the women in duckdom do more work and leave the men more leisure time to just swim around and quack?

I've scooped most of the leaves out of the pool now. I've gotten the back flush valve replaced. It seems that the pool has survived the worst of the oak tree's vengeance in springtime. Now I find myself scooping duck down out of the pool, or cleaning it from the filter. So here's the thing --- I'm not finding this near as objectionable as I did the tree and its mess. Even when the duck did his business on our patio --- I didn't mind.

So I have some advice for the oak tree in the yard. The next time you decide to crap in my pool, consider swimming around in it and greeting me daily when I take the trash out. As it turns out, if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck and swims like a duck, the homeowner doesn't get near as testy when it craps in his pool!

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