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Thursday, March 26, 2009

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Not long ago I asked readers of this blog to make suggestions as to what they would like me to blog about. The overwhelming majority of suggestions seemed to center around the Obama Administration and how it is handling the economic issues facing the U.S. today.

Oddly enough, I had been intentional about trying to stay away from such topics. I didn't vote for Obama and while I knew I wouldn't be fault finding during his administration, I also had serious reservations about the way forward that he seemed to be calling us to.

Recently I have been shocked to hear some of the news talk radio personalities trashing our President. One even claimed this week that Henry Kissinger has been quoted as saying that Barack Obama will usher in the Biblical "new world order." (I really wondered if that rumor were true!) I'm hearing that Obama's approval ratings are "plummeting." (Again, I wonder if that is really true.) To be sure, the nation that elected this man seems to be a bit dismayed by how he is leading. Ironically, I've not been so dismayed as I thought I might be.

Our country is in a bit of a mess. George Bush left us with two wars, record deficits, a national debt the likes of which the world has never seen, and a tarnished reputation in global affairs. He was literally building a wall between us and Mexico. To be honest, I'm a lot more satisfied with Barack Obama as president right now than I was with George Bush a few months ago. You see, the thing about it is I'm not sure who we could have elected that could be doing anything that wouldn't leave some of us dismayed. For whomever we sent to the White House would probably have one of the most perplexing jobs ever in the history of the world. And such is the fate of President Obama.

So what would I write? I think we need to consider the truth. The truth is always elusive. It likes to remain obscure - well hidden behind the circumstances. And of course circumstances are always intimidating, noisy, attention-seeking and usually not very constructive or hopeful. But behind our messy circumstances are some things that we really need to consider.

Folks, we were living beyond our means. It had to stop. The economic nightmare that we're all experiencing maybe the day of reckoning that was inevitable.

The unions had driven our American car companies into a business model that just wasn't sustainable. I don't want to see GM or Chrysler fail. I think they build good quality products. But they have been building something that my American brethren just doesn't want.

I don't like the fact that we're pouring billions into banks that seem to be greedy and sinister. But the reality is that we need these banks to survive. The ramifications of the failure of an American banking system would be global and more than likely last longer than anyone alive today.

Nobody wants to see taxes go up. But up they must go. We cannot continue to be a country that spends more than we have. End of discussion.

I could go on and on. But it is not my job to think for you. It is my job to spur you to think for yourself. Look at the situations what you feel the most strongly about. Then ask yourself if you've really considered all aspects of each situation. Have you looked at all sides of the story? Are you seeing it from God's perspective? How do you think Jesus walking on this earth would view that situation?

We are nation with perplexing problems. But honestly, I believe if we will grow up and face the realities the future may not be so grim as the current circumstances would have us believe.

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