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Friday, December 12, 2008

Obamas Need A Place

Did you see the story today? I saw it on the wires, but it wasn't on the news casts on TV at all. Strangely silent. Incredibly awkward. Shame on George W. Bush.

The Obama family, who will be moving into the White House on January 22nd, would like to have their children start school in the new school on January 5th. So they asked if they might stay in the official guest house of the White House. It is known as Blair House, and is near the White House. Since 1942 it has served as the official guest house for visitors of the President. Anyone can stay there, actually. The President just has to invite them. Heads of state from foreign governments stay there. Former Presidents stay there. Betty Ford received guests there when her husband died. Nancy Reagan did too. The Obamas thought it might be okay if they stay there until they could move into the White House. That way their kids could start school. It would make the transition easier on the kids. Makes sense to me. Actually I've moved my kids during a school year before. I'd ask for the same thing if I were Obama.

But "the White House" said no. That's right. The official word from the White House was that there are too many commitments for other visitors and guests that cannot be displaced for the Obamas. It looks like the Obamas will have to rent a hotel room. Maybe they can stay at the Marriott down the street for a couple weeks so their girls can start school. As an American, I think it would have been good for George W. Bush to take the high road. Sadly, he hasn't yet.

I have to confess that I didn't vote for Obama. But since he is going to be our President I think he deserves some modicum of respect. I think Bush could do much to foster oneness in this country. Here's the thing. Blair House is actually a series of connected buildings. It has more than 70,000 square feet. It is actually bigger than the White House! Do you mean to tell me that the Bush's couldn't find a couple of extra rooms where the Obamas could be accommodated for a couple weeks? I'm not buying it.

Besides, even in the unlikely situation where Blair House was totally booked with all of the Bush cronies having their last hurrah at government expense --- I believe if I were Bush I'd tell Laura to get a couple of the guest rooms in the White House ready. I'd let Obama stay with me! They don't need to move in until after the holidays. Besides, we know you've got Jenna and Barbara's rooms empty since they grew up and moved out.

So come on George. Be a sport. Let the Obamas stay with you for a couple of weeks. Break that Republican paradigm!

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