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Friday, October 10, 2008

Sad Debate

Okay, I missed most of this week's presidential debate here in the U.S. However, I picked it up on late night talk radio and cable news television. Is anyone besides me sickened at the way both of our candidates are performing? When did it become wise to focus on discrediting your opponent? When did they each shift from talking about what they can do for our country --- and instead focus on talking about what the other would do to our country?

I'd like to be the moderator at the next debate. I'd know how to kill a cat fight. I'd make some rules and the first guy that slung some mud at the other would be bounced out of there on his ear! If the second guy acted smug about it, I'd bounce him out too - then turn to the audience and suggest that they write in the name of a candidate that they think can actually focus on the issues instead of on the faults of their opponent. This is really disgusting.

I think I might like to run for president of the U.S. myself. Certainly I could do a better job in three critical areas:

1. My tax returns, when made public, would reveal that my wife and I give more than 10% of our gross household income to the church and other Christian charities. (We are tithers, and do so in obedience to the God we claim to serve.)

2. When accused unfairly - or ask questions in a debate or town hall, I would specifically try to model Jesus' approach. He answered questions with as few words as possible. I would understand the beauty and the power in just "leaving it there" with simple, but truthful answers.

3. I heed the Bible's (and my grandmother's) admonition not to say anything if you can't say something good about someone. I would understand that the goal of my candidacy isn't to point out the faults of the opponent(s).

I'm now weighing the merits of announcing my candidacy for the presidential election four years from now. Stay tuned!

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