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Friday, July 11, 2008

True Colors: Jesse Jackson

He's been a champion of black Americans for decades. He shows up in the news all the time. He once ran for president himself. Jesse Jackson would seem to be the icon of black Americans everywhere. He purports to call the rest of America to a world of equality with blacks (and other minorities). Mr. Jackson has often tried to play the role of Martin Luther King, Jr. - who stood on a Christian platform and called a racially divided country to reconciliation.

So why hasn't it worked? Why do so many non-black Americans view Mr. Jackson as a divisive bigot, a pain in the butt? If you want to understand why nobody takes him seriously, why he never actually accomplishes anything, why his legacy will die when he stops making news, and why we will never name streets in every city in America after him - one need look no further than how Jesse Jackson behaves when he thinks no one is looking.

We got an opportunity for such a view this week. Jesse Jackson was on a Fox News talk show, and made some remarks that he thought were "off the record," and wouldn't be picked up by a microphone. Sadly, he was wrong. He was sitting in front of a hot microphone and his remarks have now been heard around the world. (

Speaking about Barack Obama's political platform and the positions he takes, Jesse Jackson took exception. The subject was the fact that Barack Obama calls blacks to a higher level of accountability. He exhorts blacks to step up and be the men they are created and called to be. Jesse Jackson said he thinks Obama "talks down to blacks."

What do you suppose that means? How does one half black man "talk down to blacks." The fact is, Barack Obama is saying many of the same things to blacks in America that comedian Bill Cosby has said. Would Mr. Jackson think that Cosby also "talks down to blacks." Apparently so. Read on.

Expressing his frustration with Obama's penchant for "talking down to blacks," Jesse Jackson said he "would like to cut his (Obama's) nuts off." Let's examine what that means. It's a verbally expressed desire to castrate Obama. Jackson's statement indicates he would like to violently and maliciously wound Obama by removing his testicles, rendering him a eunuch. Nice.

So here's the deal. Jesse Jackson would have you believe he is a Christian preacher. He's educated. He's ordained. He wears the hat of a "man of the cloth." He's always billed himself as "the Reverend Jesse Jackson." But the truth of the matter is that there is very little about this man that's reverent. Indeed, he is quite irreverent.

Another point to note is that Jesse Jackson does not speak like a man who is submitted and surrendered to God. He does not model Christ-like virtues. Just imagine Jesus saying something like, "I'd like to cut his nuts off!" Preposterous. Absolute heresy. Mr. Jackson, God's Word tells us that leaders will be held more accountable than anyone else. What are you teaching your followers? Would you have us believe you are being led by the Holy Spirit?

To his credit, Barack Obama has publicly accepted Jesse Jackson's apology.;_ylt=Ahp3GOj.ywaQnrCC7EqS.eys0NUE
I don't suppose he had much choice though. There isn't really anything one could say in the face of such adversity that would be dignified. Perhaps Mr. Obama would have been justified in talking down to this particular black man. What could he have said? How about, "Sit down and be quiet!"

Jesse Jackson, the real problem with blacks in America is that fools like you purport to speak for all of them. And when you do - they all look bad. Shame on you. Sit down, be quiet and let America be reconciled unto itself.

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