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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Oil & Sharia Law

Do you know what Sharia Law is? It is basically the set of Islamic rules used to govern a people when a country or state is officially Muslim. It is far-reaching, covers unimaginable things - and has even more unimaginable consequences. It is Sharia Law, for example, that prohibits women in Saudi Arabia from driving, going out in public without a male relative to chaperon them, holding public office, or even leaving the country without permission of their husband or father.

It is Sharia Law that says a woman who has committed adultery will have her hands bound behind her back, be buried up to her breasts - and stoned to death. It is Sharia Law that beheads those it deems to be infidels or evil in any way. It was Sharia Law, as a matter of fact, that led to the catastrophic incidents of 9/11 - where thousands of innocent people were murdered for the cause of Islam.

Are you starting to get the notion that Sharia Law isn't such a good thing? Why then do Muslims claim their religion is a peaceful religion - if their law is so troublesome? Frankly, one can only conclude that the people who describe Islam as a peaceful religion are either ignorant of their own religion - or evil themselves. Sadly we are left with no other conclusions to draw.

So what does this have to do with oil and gasoline prices? President Bush was in the Middle East this week, asking our so-called ally in Saudi Arabia to increase output of oil to east the pressure on prices. What did they do? Basically they thumbed their nose at him. They had already increased production by 300 million barrels - and indicated to Mr. Bush that they believe "there is sufficient oil in the marketplace at this time." In other words - they are quite happy with the prices and believe that the consequences are worth it.

How could anyone draw such a conclusion? Economies around the world are being crippled by oil and gas prices. Food costs are going up. Starvation is stalking millions, especially in third world countries oppressed by these prices. And Saudi Arabia believes this is okay.

I've blogged before about the thousands of Islamic mosques that the Saudi government has funded in the United States. Not a single Christian church has been allowed to be built in Saudi by the U.S. government or any of the U.S. people. But we have more than 3,000 Islamic mosques here now - courtesy of the Saudi government. So catch a clue, folks ... THEIR AGENDA IS TO FURTHER THE ADVANCE OF ISLAM GLOBALLY.

I heard a radio show this past week where a high-ranking Islamic Imam was talking about the fact that their expect to have Sharia Law fully implemented in England. He was open about the fact that England will turn from its monarchy and Christian church rule - to embrace Sharia Law. Christian Amenpour, the reporter conducting the interview, pushed back. She questioned why anyone would voluntarily subject themselves to the radical restrictions this would bring about - and the massive changes in British society. His answer? "We will do it peacefully, or by force, but we will do it."

I believe him. In fact, I get the sense that if we were to vote for an Islamic president and implement Sharia Law in the U.S., gasoline prices would drop to $1.29 per gallon. I may be the screaming lunatic here, but I believe the price of oil is being artificially manipulated by the Muslims in order to force pain onto the western world and motivate it to do things their way. We are being held hostage by our oil addiction. The only way to free ourselves from this tyranny is to break our slavery to oil. I pray that we do that before Americans lose their nerve over $9.00 per gallon gasoline - and start to rationalize Sharia Law "for the sake of the economy."

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