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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Oprah on God

Recently one of my daughters talked about what her pastor was saying about Oprah. She said he was warning the congregation to be wary of Oprah and not be deceived by the evil that she is championing. (I knew that Oprah was a champion of Barack Obama, but didn't think he would be the evil my daugter's pastor had in mind.) So I decided to check it out.

We don't watch Oprah's show, read her magazines or take much stock in her book recommendations. I know she's influential in our culture and many people look at her. Perhaps I became a bit jaded when I was doing counseling and having to explain to people that whatever they saw on Oprah wasn't necessarily how life works! At any rate, I tuned into one episode of the Oprah show - and immediately got what I was looking for.

It seems that among the books Oprah has recommended are some that Christians would consider quite sinister. But she's gone farther. Now Oprah is hosting web-based classes for millions. The classes are on spirituality and religion. They purport to help people understand who God really is and how we should relate to them.

I don't think I've seen such blatant heresy in a very long time. It is chilling. What Oprah is evangelizing is clearly not Biblical. Here is a link to a YouTube video I found that explains the problem with what Oprah is doing. (When you're there, notice the other related videos on this subject.)

Finally, here is the link to the web site to which Oprah has hitched her wagon. It is the site of the global "church" she seems to be building.

If you are grounded in Christ, you will be chilled by the implications. If you are not, you may very well be deceived.

I am reminded of the proverb, "Let us not be ignorant about the war we are fighting."

God help us all to stand against the influence of an ignorant Oprah who choses to believe what she wants instead of what is actually true. Perhaps more importantly, God help all of those who follow an ignorant leader like Oprah.

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