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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Barack Obama's House

I am watching the Obama euphoria and wondering who this man really is. There are many questions, and not a lot of answers. Curiously, I noticed a story on-line a couple of days ago that I have yet to see in the American media.

The Times of London broke a story over the weekend about how Mr. & Mrs. Obama funded their current home --- with a loan from a criminal. To make the irony even more pathetic, the criminal's wife purchased the empty lot next door to the Obama's new home --- the same day. But of course, there is said to be "no connection."

The buyer of the empty lot next door, on the same day, is an Iraqi national of Great Britain. Imagine the odds of them purchasing an empty garden plot adjacent to Mr. Obama's new home --- with no house. Then imagine that the two transactions (theirs and the Obama's) closed on exactly the same day. Then imagine that they had "loaned" Mr. Obama's campaign $3.5 million just before that.

Barack Obama himself is quoted as saying that this was "just a bonehead stupid mistake." But really, one has to wonder why he just didn't call his local mortgage company to get a loan to buy the house --- like the rest of the America he wants to lead.

Check out the story at

I'm a registered Republican myself, so don't have a particular bone to pick with Obama. But more and more I am thinking Hillary Clinton was right when she said this man "has not been fully vetted." Sadly, it appears that the American media is so intoxicated with "obamaphoria" that they are incapable fo fully vetting this man. So I guess we'll have to turn to the Times of London to find out more about who this man is.

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