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Monday, November 05, 2007

Real Estate Saint?

I'm quite certain that Catholicism was a legitimate practice of Christianity --- at one time in its history. It's a religion that subscribes to the truth of Jesus Christ being the Messiah, the incarnation of God Himself. Unfortunately, it's also a religion that subscribes to other things what simply aren't true.

A couple of years ago, for example, there was a lot of hoopla over something called "Maryology." Considered a part of Catholicism, "Maryologists" pray to, worship and study the Virgin Mary, Jesus' birth mother. This is complete heresy. There is no biblical basis to it whatsoever.

Today, I'm again drawn to such conclusions with the hoopla over St. Joseph, traditionally considered to be Jesus' step-father (remember, God was His true Father). It appears that this guy has the corner on real estate. Seriously.

Recent news reports tell of the practice of burying statues of St. Joseph in one's yard to ensure a timely sale of one's home. So in a slow real estate market, all you have to do is turn to St. Joseph and he will sell your house. (Folks, I'm not making this crap up, honest!) You can order real estate kits at that come complete with instructions on how to sell your house with St. Joseph. According to news reports they are "flying off the shelves." Check it out at,0,4553179.story. Other news reports are available if you search.

I really try not to judge other religions. But you know, some of them are just false. It's easy for us to identify those when they blatantly omit Jesus Christ. But gosh, it gets harder when they seem to have Christ at their core. No good Catholic in his or her right mind would ever dream of blatantly denying Christ. Sadly, they have been duped into doing just that when they turn to dead people in history for today's needs. If the Catholics would have their way, then the Bible we read today would have to be substantially re-written. Philippians 4:13 would have to say something like, "I can do all things (except sell my house) through Christ who gives me strength." Can you just imagine?

There is a strange irony in this too. You see, St. Joseph was never the Catholic saint over real estate. He's been their traditional saint over home and family. Most would agree that his purpose was to establish, nurture and care for home and family. Do you suppose it would make sense that he would want someone to get rid of their home? I don't think so! It appears that like cultural Christians who try to fit God into their box and make Him out to be whomever they want Him to be ... the Catholics are doing the same thing with their saints!

Pray for these misguided Catholics. They have been fed crap and are being led astray. Pray that God will draw them to Himself and that the truth of this nonsense will be revealed. How will we know that such prayers have been answered? When the St. Joseph statues stop "flying off the shelves!"

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