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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Rudy Giuliani for President?

I know I just said I don't typically blog about politics. I'm not much of a politician. But an article in this mornings paper really left me in a stupor. The headline says that the religious right, being more concerned about terrorism security, is seriously considering Rudy Giuliani for president. (You can read the story at

So it would seem that some self-proclaimed Christ-followers believe that, because terrorism and its threat are real in our society, Rudy Giuliani may be the man to vote for as president. People, is this any way to make a decision, such as whom to vote for as president? I think not! Regardless of what you consider the priorities to be, regardless of what you are afraid of, the correct way for a Christ-follower to make a decision is get on your knees and see God's perspective and God's will.

Me? I will vote for whomever the Lord directs me to vote for. He has not yet shown me whom that will be. However, I doubt very much that it will be Rudy Giuliani. Why? Because I do not believe he is a man of integrity. Let us not forget that while he was playing the hero at Ground Zero after 9/11, he was holed up with his mistress and and going through a divorce. So what is known about Rudy Giuliani's personal life and his integrity? What kind of man is he? A good look can be found at Wikipedia's folder on him. (Check it out at

Rudy Giuliani has been married three times. The first two times, his marriages were undertaken and dissolved in questionable circumstances. He has not been faithful to his wives. He has lived with his girlfriend(s). He is estranged from his family. In fact, some reporters have asked him how a country could follow his lead when his own family will not follow his lead. His response? "Leave my family out of this." Perhaps the real answer to that question is that a country could only follow this man if it overlooks who he really is --- something his family apparently has been unable to accomplish.

Like I said, I'm not a politician. I hate politics. But I understand that this is about leadership. Real leaders are men and women of integrity and virtue. They live lives that are exemplary and give us examples worth following. Being smart, crafty or even lucky are not the only considerations. Like I've said before, I want to follow (and elect) leaders that get on their knees to make decisions. There is no evidence that this is how Rudy Giuliani conducts his life.

It is time for Christians, whether they are the "religious right" or not, to make decisions God's way. It is time for Christians to stop acting on their feelings and intuition --- and start admitting that God's way cannot be intuitively known by any mortal.

We must prayerfully ask God whom we should follow --- and elect. And when we feel drawn to a candidate, we should submit that candidate to God's criteria to see if he or she measures up. In other words, "Could this be the person Jesus would vote for if He were in my shoes?" If the answer is no, then we have no business supporting them regardless of what we think is important or what we fear.

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