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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Kampala - Uganda

From July 19th - August 5th, 2007, I'll be in teaching at Kyambogo University in southern Uganda, near the city of Kampala. I'm teaching at the invitation of an international ministry, Leadership Vistas. This organization works to develop leadership skills in pastors throughout Africa.

While traveling during this period, I do not expect to be blogging.

The course I'm teaching is called Difficult Subjects: A Christian Perspective. Each module is a separate document in the Files library of this Yahoo! Group. There are five (5) modules and some have attachments (which you can see in the Files library of this Yahoo! Group. The five (5) modules are as follows:
  1. Honoring God With My Sexuality
  2. Honoring God Through Our Women
  3. Honoring God Through Our Children
  4. Honoring God With My Sin
  5. Understanding Satan
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